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We are located in San Mateo, CA United States of America. Today we are the world's oldest wood floor manufacturer that is still in business.

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Kährs Hardwood Flooring

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Kahrs Hardwood Flooring - Do you need a thin wood floor? Are you looking for the warmth of real wood at a great value? Then Linnea may be the correct solution.



Wood Flooring
Wood Flooring

Engineered hardwood has a thin solid wood layer on top with a composite core. It can be a less expensive option than buying hardwood, but it cannot be sanded and refinished. This flooring typically is installed with a click-lock method.

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Real life is full of kids, pets, toys, daily tasks, and challenges - all of which your floor must endure. Kährs Life is a truly durable wooden floor, which retains its beauty and natural look throughout the years. It's scratch-resistant, impact-resistant and easy to clean.
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