Hunter Douglas®

Hunter Douglas®

The Innovative World of Hunter Douglas®: Leading the Way in Window Coverings


Hunter Douglas® has carved a niche for itself as a global leader in window treatments, delivering not just exceptional quality but also an array of innovative designs that have redefined the way we view and utilize window coverings. Since its inception in 1919, the company has consistently pushed the envelope, introducing state-of-the-art products that seamlessly combine functionality with aesthetic appeal. This article takes a closer look at what makes Hunter Douglas® an industry leader, highlighting its history, key innovations, and unique offerings.

A Rich History

Hunter Douglas® has its roots in a small machine tool shop started by Henry Sonnenberg and Joe Hunter. Initially focused on manufacturing machinery for the fabrication of aluminum slats for Venetian blinds, the company expanded its operations over the years to include window coverings. The company's expertise in engineering and design was evident from the get-go, and they quickly gained a reputation for producing high-quality, durable products.

Innovations That Set the Standard

Hunter Douglas® has been at the forefront of introducing new technologies and designs into the market. Here are some key innovations that have set them apart:

  • Duette® Honeycomb Shades
    Introduced in the 1980s, these energy-efficient shades feature a unique cellular design that traps air, providing insulation and helping to reduce energy costs. The design also offers excellent light control and privacy.
  • Silhouette® Window Shadings
    This innovation revolutionized window coverings with its signature S-vanes suspended between two sheer fabrics. The design allows for better light control and a more modern aesthetic appeal, aligning form and function.
  • PowerView® Automation
    Understanding the increasing integration of smart technology in homes, Hunter Douglas® developed PowerView® Automation. This system allows you to control your window treatments via a mobile app or through voice commands, making it a perfect fit for today's smart homes.

Sustainable Practices

Hunter Douglas® doesn’t just focus on producing quality window treatments; it's also committed to sustainability. The company aims to minimize waste through recycling and utilizes environmentally friendly materials whenever possible. Many of their products are GreenGuard certified, ensuring they meet stringent chemical emissions standards, thereby contributing to healthier interiors.

Customization and Warranty

One of the unique selling points of Hunter Douglas® is the level of customization they offer. From the choice of fabric and color to the design and operational mechanisms, you can tailor the product to meet your specific needs. To top it all, they offer a generous warranty on their products, providing peace of mind to the customer.


Hunter Douglas® has long been an industry leader, consistently setting the bar higher with each innovation. Through a combination of robust engineering, innovative designs, and a commitment to sustainability, the company has firmly established itself as a go-to source for quality, custom window treatments. With a range of products that fit every style and need, Hunter Douglas® continues to redefine the way we look at and live with window coverings.


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