Viking Hardwood Flooring

Viking Hardwood Flooring

With over sixty years of experience in the hardwood flooring industry, our focus with the Viking Hardwood Flooring product line is to bring the best value in wood flooring from around the world.

The best value in wood flooring is a combination of:

  • Quality lumber
  • Environmentally sound forestry practices
  • Controlled kiln drying
  • Quality grading standards
  • Milling specifications that meet or exceed pre-determined standards
  • Finish quality that meets or exceeds today's best finishes for wear, durability, and appearance
  • Designs, colors, and styles that meet today's trends

Viking Hardwood Flooring meets all the above standards bringing you the finest quality and value. The Vikings of past history used the finest timbers of the world as a basic building block for their ships. These ships of quality took a trained and coordinated team to move and navigate the seas of the world.

We have navigated the world looking for quality manufacturers and exotic species that will tempt your taste buds of good value, color, and style.

Journey with us and explore the quality woods and products that bring you exceptional values and fashion!

Enjoy the Journey -