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What is a DesignBiz.com Editor?
Our editors are designers, decorators, manufacturers, suppliers, trades people and students who want to share with others their knowledge and enthusiasm about interior design and home improvement related topics. They are dedicated to scouring the internet for informative content, writing original articles and encouraging other professionals to participate. The goal being to organize, evaluate and present  to consumers the best unbiased information in an intuitive and systematic fashion.

What are the benefits of becoming a DesignBiz.com Editor?
Here are just a few of the many benefits of being a DesignBiz.com editor:

  • Share your knowledge, opinions, expertise and interests with people from all over the world. Our editors are enthusiastic about sharing their ideas and unique perspective about products and services. Generally, new editors apply to edit in small categories at first, and then apply to edit additional areas after they have accumulated a number of edits. Editors may also submit original works to any category or subject of interest and write as often as they would like.
  • Build your corporate reputation. Writing for a well established and respected website such as DesignBiz.com, gives your company the portal for developing a reputation. As your company’s reputation develops, its chances of acquiring new customers or selling products or services will also improve.
  • Exposure of your expertise. Individuals can develop a name for themselves as an expert in a particular field. When corporations or consumers seek information on the Internet about your topic, they will find your name. Over time, as your name shows up again and again, you will develop a reputation as an expert in your field and may be sought out by others for your expertise.
  • Create a Blog. Each DesignBiz.com editor is given his or her own Blog. This is where you can “sell” yourself or your company. As an individual, you can post your photograph, and list your education, experience and interests. Below your editor biography, readers will find all of your articles. This allows dedicated readers to bookmark your Blog for easy access to all of your published articles. Corporately, blogging for your company can build goodwill, attract new business, improve customer relations, enhance your brand, recruit the best employees, weather a crisis, and build support for your initiatives. Hundreds of companies are already actively participating in the blogosphere, contributing a variety of blogs to the online community.
  • Editor promotion. Editors are randomly featured throughout the website. Therefore, as visitors browse around DesignBiz.com, they will see the featured editors and be able to go to that editor’s blog. This gives editors and companies additional exposure.
  • Promote and link to your personal or business website. If you currently have a personal or business website where you sell your products or services, editor privileges will allow you to promote your products and services - as often as you’d like – through your articles, links and product submissions in our shopping system.
  • Link to DesignBiz.com. Improve your ranking in search engines with reciprocal links from DesignBiz.com. From your website(s), you may display your editors button and link to your blog and your articles. This is a great marketing and networking tool for any business.

If I become a DesignBiz.com editor, what is expected of me?
You would be responsible for writing and evaluating articles, answering questions and reviewing link submissions to your categories in a fair and impartial manner. We also expect you to consider your editor status a privilege and therefore we expect that you will make a commitment to the editorial process with some regularity and actively promote DesignBiz.com as an interior design and home improvement portal. We will not accept biased, blatant advertising of your products and services. We DO NOT accept advertisements or articles written more for the benefit of web crawlers and link-building than to be read by people. Product reviews must contain personal experience with a product and not just product specifications, otherwise the review will be considered an advertisement and will be removed.

Will I be paid as a DesignBiz.com editor?
No; however, editors receive tremendous exposure for their products and services.

DesignBiz Community
We encourage the community to regulate itself, and to provide the checks and balances needed to ensure that its members follow mutually accepted codes of conduct and editorial standards. We depend on the honesty and integrity of the volunteer editors to ensure the DesignBiz.com is high quality, user-friendly, and free of abuse.

How do I sign up?
If you are not already a DesignBiz.com member, you will need to register before applying to become an editor. It’s quick, easy, and free!  Click Here.

If you already are a member contact our Membership Director about your qualifications to become an editor.



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