Mannington Porcelain Tile

Mannington Porcelain Tile

Mannington Porcelain Tile Flooring: Elegance Meets Durability


When it comes to flooring options that combine aesthetic beauty with remarkable durability, Mannington Porcelain Tile Flooring is hard to beat. Known for its quality and longevity, this product line offers homeowners an investment that's worth every penny. From modern minimalism to classical elegance, Mannington provides a versatile selection that fits every decor style.

Material Quality

  • Porcelain vs. Ceramic
    While ceramic tiles are popular and more budget-friendly, porcelain tiles possess an edge in terms of toughness, water resistance, and long-term value. Mannington's Porcelain tiles are made from high-quality clay and minerals, fired at a higher temperature than ceramic tiles. This makes them denser, less porous, and therefore more resistant to moisture and stains.
  • Durability
    When it comes to Mannington's porcelain offerings, one can expect a product that can withstand the test of time. These tiles are exceptionally hard and are resistant to scratches, chips, and even heavy impact.

Design Versatility

  • Wide Range of Styles
    Mannington's Porcelain Tile Flooring collection comes in a wide array of colors, sizes, and designs. Whether you're looking for the look of natural stone, exotic woods, or a crisp and contemporary vibe, you'll find something that matches your taste.
  • Customization
    Thanks to innovative technology, these porcelain tiles can be custom cut to fit the unique dimensions of your room, including complex layouts and patterns. This enables you to achieve a personalized look that truly stands out.

Installation and Maintenance

  • Ease of Installation
    Porcelain tiles are generally easier to install than other types of hard flooring like natural stone. While professional installation is usually recommended to ensure a clean finish and long-term durability, those with some DIY skills can also undertake the project.
  • Maintenance
    One of the major advantages of Mannington Porcelain Tile Flooring is the ease of maintenance. These tiles can be cleaned with a simple mop and mild detergent. They are also resistant to harsher cleaning chemicals, which makes them ideal for areas that require frequent or deep cleaning.

Environmental Responsibility

Mannington takes pride in its commitment to sustainability. Their porcelain tiles contain recycled materials and are manufactured using environmentally responsible processes. Moreover, because of the tile's long lifespan, it lessens the frequency of replacement, thereby reducing waste in the long term.


Mannington Porcelain Tile Flooring offers a perfect blend of style, durability, and ease of maintenance, making it a premium choice for any home. Its design versatility and commitment to environmental responsibility further elevate its desirability as a flooring option. If you're looking to make a long-lasting investment in your home that also adds a touch of elegance, Mannington Porcelain Tile Flooring is well worth considering.