Karastan® Carpet

Karastan® Carpet

Karastan® Carpet: Unveiling Luxurious and Sustainable Flooring Solutions for Design Professionals

Introduction to Karastan® Carpet

Karastan® has been synonymous with opulence and masterful craftsmanship for over 95 years, transforming residential and commercial spaces into enchanting realms of comfort and style. Renowned for its luxurious carpets and wood floors, Karastan® stands out in the home decoration and interior design market with its commitment to beauty, quality, and innovation.

Product/Service Range

Karastan® offers a diverse array of carpet collections, each tailored to meet the aesthetic and functional demands of modern design projects.

  • SmartStrand Collection: This eco-friendly range offers unparalleled cleanliness and durability. SmartStrand Forever Clean features spill, soil protection, and permanent stain resistance, making it an ideal choice for spaces demanding both style and functionality.
  • Kashmere Collection: Epitomizing elegance, the Kashmere collection offers unique patterns and colors, backed by Karastan®'s legacy of cleanability and lasting quality. The XTRA series within this collection extends design possibilities, coupled with an all-encompassing pet protection and warranty.
  • Wool Collection: Celebrating the timeless appeal of wool, this collection is prized for its luxury, strength, and ease of maintenance, offering a perfect blend of comfort and style.

Design Impact

Karastan® carpets are not just floor coverings; they're canvases for expression. From the casual elegance of rich textures and warm tones to the serene allure of classic designs and the bold, forward-thinking flair of modern styles, Karastan® carpets empower designers to craft captivating spaces. Their ability to integrate with various design aesthetics makes them a versatile choice for any project.

Technical Specifications

Karastan®'s commitment to quality is evident in the technical excellence of its products. From the resilience of SmartStrand fibers to the EasyClean® technology in the Kashmere collection, each range is designed with durability, maintenance ease, and enduring beauty in mind. The brand's dedication to sustainability is manifested in its eco-friendly materials and practices, ensuring that each carpet contributes positively to the environment and the well-being of its occupants.

Sustainability and Ethics

Karastan®'s ethos extends beyond aesthetic and functional excellence to embrace sustainability and ethical responsibility. Their innovative approach not only enhances today's interiors but also paves the way for a greener tomorrow, reflecting a deep commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable design.

Case Studies/Testimonials

Industry professionals have repeatedly turned to Karastan® for their projects, with many praising the brand's ability to blend style with sustainability. These real-world applications showcase how Karastan® carpets have elevated spaces, meeting and surpassing the expectations of designers and clients alike.


Karastan® Carpet stands as a beacon of luxury, innovation, and sustainability in the interior design world. With a rich history and a forward-looking approach to design and environmental responsibility, Karastan® offers unmatched value to home decorators, interior designers, and space planners. We invite you to explore the possibilities with Karastan® and redefine the boundaries of style and functionality in your next design project.


Karastan Wool the Natural Choice

Karastan Wool the Natural Choice

Karastan Carpet History - Defining Quality Craftsmanship

"The Karastan brand represents much more than flooring! Beginning at 2:02 pm on April 28, 1998, we walk you through the rich history of quality craftsmanship and innovation that is Karastan. Learn why Karastan rugs were referred to as "the Wonder Rugs of North America," the role Karastan played in bringing comfort to the average American household with rugs and wall-to-wall carpeting, and the continued leading role Karastan plays in home design."