Design Materials Rugs

Little notice was given to sisal and coir carpets and rugs within the carpet and residential flooring marketplace in 1979, but they weren’t entirely unknown. Woven natural plant fiber products, when sought after, were difficult to source in a timely manner and product quality was inconsistent.

With characteristic energy and faith, from its founding owners, the company began to make headway changing old perceptions along the way. Interest grew in using natural fiber carpets and rugs when consistent product quality was realized. Trade grew and markets expanded as new partners joined the company, all taking an active personal interest in the growing business.

After more than thirty years of business growth, Design Materials Inc operates on national and international level. DMI products can now be found at independent suppliers throughout the U.S., while international partnership companies of DMI operate their distribution operations in Canada and The Netherlands.

The people behind the product
The day to day business of DMI is managed by an ownership group that have been involved since the inception of the company more than thirty years ago. A surprising number of DMI people are 10 to 25 years employees. And the company owners are thankful they can rely on such old-timers.

Longevity translates into better product quality, excellent customer service, and experienced product knowledge.