Feizy® Rugs

Feizy® Rugs

Feizy has been buying, selling, manufacturing and collecting fine, handmade rugs for four generations. John Feizy founded Feizy Rugs over 40 years ago to share that tradition, and this year we're proud to bring you our line of hand-knotted, hand-tufted and machine-made rugs.

We're the Designers & Manufacturers.
In-house, turnkey design and manufacturing resources allow Feizy to expedite the production lifecycle, delivering your product before many of our competitors have even delivered designs to their contract-based manufacturers. Our corporate design team is in constant communication with domestic and overseas facilities, including our company-owned manufacturing facility. There we power-loom our own rugs, ensuring that colors, designs and textures are always on-trend. Our direct manufacturing capabilities allow us to efficiently and effectively produce the most inspired, highest-quality merchandise for our customers.

We’re Artisans Supporting Artists.
From the designers that imaginatively place our products to the weavers that deftly craft each rug in our line, Feizy has a long history of supporting the art of rug making and the artistry of the people building beautiful spaces from the rug up. The Feizy family has set the industry standard for marrying amazing quality to design. Using skilled craftsmen across three continents, the company remains committed to pushing the envelope of new constructions while perfecting and preserving the art of rug making as we know it.

We’re a Family Providing for Families.
In the least developed countries where we manufacture, one child out of every four is involved in some form of dangerous labor. Feizy is committed to ending this practice. Our facilities never use child labor. Moreover, we proudly support The Global Fund for Children (GFC), an organization empowering groups that address the root causes of the issue. In partnership with GFC, Feizy is helping to create opportunities for children regardless of race, class or gender. With the help and support of this amazing organization, Feizy hopes to see the end of child exploitation in these developing nations.


The Art of Area Rug Making by Feizy Rugs

The Art of Area Rug Making by Feizy Rugs, The Art of Area Rug Making by Feizy Rugs