UA Wood Floors

UA Wood Floors

Established in the year 1992, Ua Floors is now a leading wood flooring manufacturer in Taiwan.

The new corporate headquarters, completed in 2007, is a 540,000 SF campus comprised of an office building and 4 factory buildings. The production capacity is 1,600,000 SF per month, managed by our highly professional production team to ensure the highest production efficiency and to manufacture the highest quality products.

The woods we sell are from around the world, and are selected by the FSC®(Forest Stewardship Council) certification or local government authorized the felling of the forest, and to guarantee to consumers source products.

When deciding on the choice of flooring, most of us tend to consider the factors such as durability, easy maintenance, attractive, color, etc and ignore the factor – Healthy.

Selecting a Healthy flooring is as important as selecting a flooring which is attractive, durable and easy to maintain. Armed with the latest technology in wood and surface treatment, Ua Flooring currently provides you preventative health benefits and stress relief through emission of Far-Infrared and Antibacteria, inhibition of growth of harmful bacteria.

Thus, Ua flooring solutions are low formaldehyde emission, bacteriostatic and resistant to bacteria and help create a relaxing and welcoming environment, while the performance benefits of ua flooring help you provide a safe and health healing environment.

People spend about 90% of their time indoors, so indoor concentrations of hazardous chemicals can be more critical to humans than ambient concentration.

For wood flooring,the use improper glue during the construction, can produce harmful formaldehyde content , Formaldehyde is a highly volatile organic solvent and has now been declared by IARC (IARC) as a first-class carcinogen and high concentrations of formaldehyde can cause irritation of the eyes, nose and throat and can worsen asthma symptoms in children and infants.

Ua Floors not only meet the CARBII(California Air Resource Board Phase 2 Formaldehyde Emission Standards), but also both the Eo(European formaldehyde emission standards) and the Japanese Emission Standards JIS/JAS F****, Ua Floors meet exceeds CARB base standards.