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Make magazine, launched in February 2005 as the first magazine devoted to Tech DIY projects, hardware hacks, and DIY inspiration, has been hailed as "a how-to guide for the opposable thumb set" and "Popular Mechanics for the modern age." Itching to build a cockroach-controlled robot, a portable satellite radio or your very own backyard monorail? Hankering to hack a game boy or your circadian rhythms? Rather read about people who fashion laptop bags from recycled wetsuits and build shopping cart go-karts? Make is required reading.

Now, following on the heels of Make's wildly popular inaugural issues, O'Reilly offers Makers, a beautiful hardbound book celebrating creativity, resourcefulness and the DIY spirit. Author Bob Parks profiles 100 people and their homebrew projects-people who make ingenious things in their backyards, basements and garages with a lot of imagination and a little applied skill.

Makers features technologies old and new used in service of the serious and the amusing, the practical and the outrageous. The makers profiled are driven by a combination of curiosity, passion and plain old stick-to-itiveness to create the unique and astonishing. Most are simply hobbyists who'll never gain notoriety for their work, but that's not what motivates them to tinker. The collection explores both the projects and the characters behind them, and includes full-color photographs and instructions to inspire weekend hackers.

Parks is just the man to track the quirky and outlandish in their natural maker habitats. A well-known journalist and author who covers the personalities behind the latest technologies, Parks' articles on innovations of all kinds have appeared in Wired, Outside, Business 2.0 and Make. He has contributed essays to "All Things Considered" on public radio and discussed trends in technology devices with Regis Philbin and Russ Mitchell on television. As a Wired editor, Parks directed coverage of new consumer technologies and contributed feature articles.

All those who love to tinker or who fancy themselves kindred DIY spirits will appreciate Parks' eclectic and intriguing collection of independent thinkers and makers.

ISBN: 0596101880   9/2/2006
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This book shows homeowners how to accomplish perhaps the greatest and most rewarding of all do-it-yourself projects: converting the unfinished space in a basement or attic into comfortable, safe, and truly customized living areas. Many Americans grew up in homes that had "finished" basements (do dark wood paneling and a sloping pool table sound familiar?), and their parents likely used one of the books still available on the how-to shelf. But today's homeowners are claiming their unfinished square footage for more specific uses: high-tech home offices, fully equipped home theaters, and secondary living spaces for aging relatives. For these new "home spaces", Finishing Basements & Attics is the up-to-date guide they need.
ISBN: 0865735832   8/16/2006
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Shows you how to turn a dreary basement into a bright and beautiful living space. This guide does not only show you how to finish walls, ceilings, and floors, but it also gives valuable information about common obstacles you may face, such as eliminating moisture problems, running new wiring, and relocating existing plumbing supply lines. Each book in the Quick Guide Series has more than 190 two-color illustrations with easy-to-follow instructions.
ISBN: 1880029448   9/2/2006
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Features clear step-by-step text on how to frame and insulate walls, replace windows, construct a suspended ceiling, solve moisture problems. Over 200 full-color illustrations and more than 30 color photos.
ISBN: 1580111424   9/2/2006
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With one glance at this succinct, yet thorough how-to book, readers will see their basements in a new light. Even the darkest, most cavernous space can be transformed into an attractive, practical area suited to specific homeowner needs.
ISBN: 0696208970   11/5/2011
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Design Ideas for Basements offers homeowners attractive, practical ideas for converting unfinished space into extra living quarters without the expense of adding on. Consumers will find many examples that go beyond the standard options of basement conversions, including ideas for family rooms, extra bedrooms, kitchens, home offices, media rooms, gyms, laundry rooms, storage areas, workshops, and hobby centers. The book also covers practical solutions to providing ventilation, heat, waterproofing, and soundproofing, as well as the latest options for windows, doors, lighting, storage, finishing products and materials, and furnishings. - More than 200 color photographs offer inspirational design ideas - Examples of the latest product and design trends - 'Design Tips' throughout offer advice on redesign - Extensive Resource Guide to basement-related products and furnishings - Comprehensive index and glossary of important terms
ISBN: 1580111580   9/7/2006
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This is the first comprehensive survey of the colourful ceramic tiles produced by Morris & Company. From the earliest examples made for Red House to the tiles produced in the twentieth century, all the many different designs are illustrated and discussed in detail. Richard and Hilary Myers are proud to include a previously unrecorded tile panel among the many little-known examples described in this book. Found in a Sussex church, the panel takes its place with such masterpieces as the overmantel at Queens' College, Cambridge, and the Membland panels. All Morris & Co.'s tile designs are analysed and linked to related stained-glass, textile or graphic work produced by the Firm. The authors reveal the various contributions of individual designers, including Edward Burne-Jones, D. G. Rossetti, Ford Madox Brown, Kate Faulkner and William Morris himself. Morris & Co.'s connections with the Dutch tileries, William de Morgan, Murray Marks and Barnard, Bishop & Barnard, and the roles they played in the production and distribution of the tiles, are all thoroughly examined.
ISBN: 0903685434   4/29/2006
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A quiet retreat in the attic or a soundproof media room in the basement. No matter what kind of new room you need in your home, this book will help you create it. Filled with ideas, photos, and instructions, this manual guides you through your attic or basement project, from beginning to end.
ISBN: 0897210735   9/2/2006
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Basements: How to : Real People-Real Projects
ISBN: 1890257036   9/4/2006
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The Day the House Fell: Homeowner Soil Problems-From Landslides to Expansive Clays and Wet Basements
ISBN: 0784401047   9/2/2006

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