5 Reasons Why Terrazzo Tiles May Be Perfect For Your Flooring Needs
If you have a building or public space in need of a flooring upgrade, you may consider using terrazzo tile. A low-maintenance flooring option that’s been around for decades...
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Scratching the surface of lvt - let's find out what's underneath
LVT stands for Luxury Vinyl Tile. What we’re pretty sure you do know: LVT is that cool-looking, hard-surface flooring it seems like everybody suddenly has, or wants, or is asking about. Plenty of trends are hype-based and fade back into obscurity as quickly as they appear.
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4 Types of Flooring Tile that Look Like Wood
Wood flooring has a timeless aesthetic, which has long been a popular choice for companies wanting to introduce an organic feel into commercial spaces. It's easy to co-ordinate with different styles, thanks to its simple, classic appeal. Unfortunately, the price and ongoing maintenance costs of wood flooring makes it unattainable for many organizations with smaller budgets.
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Self-Adhesive Carpet Tiles
If you're looking to cut-out the hassle of traditional flooring adhesives, it's time to turn to self-adhesive carpet tiles. From sticky backings to friction-based coatings, we're sharing the pros and cons of self-adhesive carpet tiles - and seeing how they stack-up compared to conventional adhesives.
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The Complete Guide to Printed Carpet
Printed carpet offers unparalleled design flexibility and creative freedom. Designs can be made to match perfectly from tile to tile, and vary hugely in size – from high-resolution half-inch patterns, to patterns as large as your floor plan.
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Is Laminate Flooring a Smart Commercial Flooring Option?
Laminate is a popular flooring choice, but is it a good option for commercial installations? We're looking at the relative strengths and weaknesses of laminate flooring, to understand whether it's a smart commercial flooring choice, or if there are better alternatives.
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Breathe easier with carpet
It's a common misconception that carpet can adversely impact allergy and asthma sufferers. Recently, Shaw Industries commissioned a series of scientific studies that indicate that effectively cleaned carpet can reduce airborne allergens, making it a viable choice for families impacted by allergies and asthma.
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Why Carpet?

Softness, comfort, texture, color...there are countless reasons to love carpet.

Think about that moment when you first step out of bed each morning. That welcoming touch of warmth is a perfect start to your day.

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Resilient Vinyl Floors Reinvented
When you hear the phrase vinyl flooring, you may think of the old vinyl flooring from your youth. While that may stir some happy memories, it may not quite be the design look you were going for. Well, vinyl floors have been reinvented and you’ll be amazed at the new stylish options! Today’s vinyl flooring options are more versatile, more stylish, more durable and will complement any design style that you may dream of using.
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Why Choose Resilient Vinyl Flooring?
Resilient vinyl flooring is perhaps the most popular choice of flooring for today’s consumer. This product can be installed almost anywhere in your home, meaning you can have the wood look in areas where wood is not recommended, such as the bathroom or laundry room. This flooring is also very easy to clean and for the DIY person, it is easy to install.

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Earthwise Windows & Doors Earns Good Housekeeping Seal for 11th Consecutive Year
The Earthwise Group is pleased to announce that we have now received the Good Housekeeping Seal for 11 years in a row. The Earthwise Group, LLC is a leading U.S. manufacturer of high quality windows and doors. We are a national network of independently-owned window and door manufacturers...
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Snow Blower Tune-Up Tips
For the seasoned homeowner, the emerging strands of twinkling lights are more than just a sign of holiday get-togethers. It also means that soon, if not already, the ground will be covered in snow. Ensuring your snow blower is up to the task can make or break this season for many. These DIY tune-up...
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