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  Kids Bathrooms

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When it comes to re-decorating children's bathrooms, most homeowners are searching for a balance between what's practical and what fits their kids' personalities and tastes. From durable and stylish tile to wood, to the softness of carpet to the simplicity of vinyl, you can find a bathroom floor option that meets your practical needs and interior decorating preferences.

Ceramic Tile

With its durability and resistance to moisture, ceramic tile is a popular choice for a child's bathroom flooring. The versatility of how tile can work with other elements in the bathroom make it a go-to choice for many high-end decorators who enjoy its nearly unlimited combinations of tile sizes, colors, textures, shapes, and design options that can be accentuated in other areas of the bathroom.


Custom vinyl flooring has been the floor type of choice for bathrooms for decades, and with good reason. Its lower cost is only one reason it's so popular – vinyl floors are very resistant to heat, stains, and water damage, and can stand up to heavy traffic for decades. These attributes are even more important when designing or renovating a bathroom that will be used by kids. As manufacturers continue to produce more innovative quality grades, available colors and patterns, and realistic looking styles, vinyl has become both an economical and stylish bathroom flooring option.


A high-end choice for bathroom flooring, stone floor options such as marble, granite, and limestone, eliminate concerns about moisture and can add immeasurable natural beauty to your bathroom remodeling or design project. If you're leaning toward a stone floor in a kids' bathroom, protect your children from slips by selecting a textured style that makes this bathroom flooring option safer.

Wood (or at least wood-like)

While you may think the high moisture potential in a bathroom eliminates hardwood as a choice, many types of hardwood flooring are acceptable in the bathroom. If you're interesting in hardwood flooring for your kids' bathroom, limit yourself to flooring options that are well-coated with a urethane finish. Avoid wood plank styles that have beveled edges where water can collect. If you want the look of hardwood but are worried about potential moisture issues, consider laminate flooring instead. Many laminate manufacturers offer 20 to 30 year warranties, and since the seams of laminate floors are glued together, moisture damage is less likely. Engineered wood is another good choice for a bathroom floor with a hardwood look, so be sure to ask your flooring consultant about that product line. With careful selection and consultation with a flooring expert, you can enjoy the beauty and warmth of wood flooring for your bathroom.

These brands are a great starting point: Shaw Tile Flooring

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