ArmstrongFlooring™ Engineered Tile

ArmstrongFlooring™ Engineered Tile

ArmstrongFlooring™ Engineered Tile Flooring: A Comprehensive Guide for Home Decorators and Interior Design Professionals

Introduction to ArmstrongFlooring™ Engineered Tile Flooring

ArmstrongFlooring™ stands out in the home decoration and interior design market with its engineered tile flooring, a superior alternative to natural stone, ceramic, and porcelain tile. Its history of innovation and commitment to quality makes it a go-to choice for professionals looking to combine style with functionality.

Product/Service Range

ArmstrongFlooring™ offers a variety of engineered tile products, notably the Alterna and VersaStyle collections. These products boast a stone composite base, ensuring durability and resistance to water, scratches, and stains. Unlike traditional tiles, they are not prone to cracking, offering a lasting solution for any interior space.

  • Alterna Collection
    Alterna engineered tile flooring mirrors the beauty of natural materials but adds the warmth and comfort often missing in traditional stone, ceramic, and porcelain tiles. It's designed for easy installation, making it possible to enjoy a luxurious floor without the long wait or high cost. Available in various designs and sizes, Alterna offers endless possibilities to match any decor style.
  • VersaStyle Collection
    VersaStyle brings similar benefits as Alterna, with its durable, comfortable, and easy-to-maintain features. It's engineered for warmth and comfort, creating a more inviting space compared to traditional tile floors. Like Alterna, VersaStyle offers a range of designs and sizes to fit any interior design theme.

Design Impact

ArmstrongFlooring™ engineered tile flooring influences design trends by providing a blend of traditional aesthetics and modern functionality. These tiles can be creatively used in various projects, enhancing spaces with their aesthetic appeal and practical benefits.

Technical Specifications

Engineered tile from ArmstrongFlooring™ is designed for comfort, durability, and ease of installation. It's a practical choice for busy households, offering a warmer and more comfortable surface than traditional tiles. Installation is straightforward, without the mess and extended timelines associated with stone, ceramic, or porcelain tiles.

Sustainability and Ethics

While the provided information doesn't specifically address sustainability and ethics, ArmstrongFlooring™'s engineered tile flooring is an eco-friendly choice if it reduces waste and promotes long-lasting installations, minimizing the need for frequent replacements.


ArmstrongFlooring™ Engineered Tile Flooring offers a perfect blend of style, durability, and ease of use for home decorators, interior designers, and space planners. With collections like Alterna and VersaStyle, professionals can achieve the desired look without compromising on comfort or durability. Explore ArmstrongFlooring™ to discover a partner that understands and meets the dynamic needs of modern interior design.


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Alterna Installation Comparison

Alterna® Engineered Tile provides a faster, easier, and cleaner installation when compared to Porcelain, Stone, and Ceramic tiles.