Leather Tile

Leather floor tile is made from the same material as leather-soled shoes. Just like its apparel counterpart, the leather for flooring is tanned and dyed with aniline dye. Well-made leather flooring features a waxed finish that is heated into the material. Available in numerous colors and sizes, leather flooring will develop a patina over time. It possesses great sound-insulating properties and is warm to the touch. It can be used throughout the home but is not recommended for high-moisture areas, including kitchens and baths, or high-traffic areas, such as entrances. You'll probably also want to install a leather floor in areas out of direct sunlight.

It's easier than you'd expect to keep a leather floor clean. You'll need to vacuum your leather floor with a soft brush attachment weekly. Once a month, you can damp-mop your floor. Annual waxing is recommended.

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